Tech support for all your technology needs. From simple repairs or software troubleshooting to creating a network/setting up a server for your office. Get your computer back "up and running" in no time. I also offer software restoration, installation and backup services.


Personal training for your Mac. Instruction on setting up your Mac for the first time, connecting to the Internet, then becoming familiar with the operating system. Need help learning a new program or technology? I can help make it easy.


Color management for your photography/printing. Deliver accurate color photos to your clients, save production time and money. I can show you how to get accurate color from input (camera or scanner) to monitor (screen) and then output (printouts or soft-proof).


Having helped tens of thousands of people personally at Apple's Genius Bar®, this former Mac Genius is now bringing his services to you...Genius2Go


Peter Stroumtsos


Call or email for pricing/more info:

45 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005

Tel: 917.664.6986



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